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In our comprehensive collection of conveyor magnetic separators, we offer high quality magnetic head pulley and magnetic suspension & over band magnet. Methods of ferrous tramp metal separation on Conveyors are magnetic pulley, suspension magnets and over band magnets. Magnetic pulley is to be installed at the discharge end of the conveyor replacing the existing pulley. As the mixture of product and ferrous metal travels over the magnetic head pulley and reaches the drop-off point, product falls freely from the end of the line into storage bins or processing chutes.

Any ferrous metal that is mixed in with the product is attracted and held to the face of the belt and carried to the underside of the pulley. When the portion of the belt to which the ferrous metal is being held clears the magnetic pulley, the ferrous metal is allowed to fall. Tramp material is automatically collected for disposal, by placing a collection bin or chute under the drop location. Mounted at the discharge end of the conveyor, the magnetic head pulley separates ferrous debris from material flow, which is a perfect way to remove nails and other ferrous debris buried in the burden.


  • Tramp Metal Removal from Conveyor Systems

  • Purification and Concentration of Ores, Chemicals and Granular Products

  • Efficient, cost-saving recovery of harmful tramp metal; super-tough, trouble-free operation

  • Maximum power and separation, at belt speeds as high as 500 feet per minute (fpm)

  • Exclusive continuous radial pole design to grab long rod-like tramp iron across the pulley face

  • Develops especially powerful magnetic field at the center of the belt, where burden is deepest

  • No DC power supply required

  • All welded body and face construction - no bolts or screws to work loose

  • Standard sizes available in diameters from 16" to 48" to match most conveyors

Magnetic Suspension & Over Band Magnet:

Permanent, manual and self-cleaning suspension separator magnets are suspended over conveyor magnets designed for removing ferrous steel and other magnetic materials from your burden during the crushing, screening and sorting processes. The magnet is of the permanent type so no power is required to operate it. Power is only needed on self-cleaning models to operate the belt in case of over band magnetic separators. The magnetic field configuration of suspended magnets, regardless of make, is deeper at the center than at the sides. Thus, a magnet narrower than the width of the belt can pull some tramp iron from the belt center but leaves little or no protection at the sides. In order to properly blanket the entire width of material being conveyed, it is generally desirable to use a magnet as wide as the conveyor belt.

  • Deep, powerful magnetic field maximizes ferrous recovery

  • Available in widths from 16" to 60"

  • Easy to install, without modifying existing lines

  • In-line and cross-belt suspended separators allow automatic discharge of collected tramp iron into suitable receptacles

  • Elimination of DC power costs

  • Elimination of coils, rectifiers, oil filling, wiring or switchgear maintenance

  • Guaranteed uptime through constant energizing

  • Simple installation at sharply reduced costs

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