Chennai based designer, manufacturer and supplier of magnetic drum separator, magnetic drawer, circular gyro vibrator screen, metal detector separator, magnetic plates, magnetic grills, magnetic liquid line, conveyor magnetic separator, wet drum separators and magnetic floor sweeper. Our company has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of magnetic materials, magnetic separation systems, vibratory feeding and screening or sieving systems.
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We, at Magna Tronix are known for manufacturing and supplying high quality industrial magnetic plates, which are mostly used in factories processing food grains, chemicals, plastics, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, minerals, etc. to protect equipment and cleaning your end product from tramp metal. The high surface strength and reach of magnetic plates makes them best suitable for sloping chute applications. Since the strongest magnetic field on any plate magnet is between the two poles, the tramp metal will accumulate in the gap between the poles.

Specially shaped separators can be provided with installation of two plates in a staggered manner to increase the probability of catch. Our designed permanent magnetic plates are widely used in rectangular chutes or round pipes where flow speeds and depths exceed the capacity of plate magnets in terms of operating height of the plate. We, recommend humped plates in case flow is vertical.

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