Chennai based designer, manufacturer and supplier of magnetic drum separator, magnetic drawer, circular gyro vibrator screen, metal detector separator, magnetic plates, magnetic grills, magnetic liquid line, conveyor magnetic separator, wet drum separators and magnetic floor sweeper. Our company has vast experience and in-depth knowledge of magnetic materials, magnetic separation systems, vibratory feeding and screening or sieving systems.
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We manufacture and supply metal detector separator, which is installed around a conveyor or chute so that material or packages to be inspected will pass through the detector's aperture. The metal detection system creates a high frequency electromagnetic field through which all conveyed material and packages pass. Presence of foreign metallic particles causes a reaction in this field, which is sensed by the detector and signal is amplified as required. The signal output is in the form of relay contacts which can be used to stop a conveyor, sound an alarm, and actuate a marking system or any other device or combination of devices. Mostly industrial metal detectors can be used with conveyor speed from 0.1mtrs/ second onwards without any special modifications. Our manufactured metal detectors are available in custom choices in a wide range aperture sizes with aluminum or stainless steel structure in accordance with customers' requirements. New manufacturing techniques result in an integral search head and control unit making installation and operation simple.
Salient Features

  • High sensitivity, High accuracy

  • Automatic balance

  • Adjustable sensitivity

  • Audio/Visual alarm on detection

  • Modular plug in card system

  • 100% indigenous/maintenance-free

  • Stainless Steel finishing for easy cleaning and hygiene


  • The conveyor will be made to suit all the requisites of Metal Detector

  • Structure: As per your requirement

  • Belt: Width & Length as per your requirement

  • Speed of Belt: 0.4m / sec. or nearest to your existing conveyor speed

  • Adequate metal free zone will be provided

  • Guide Plate will be provided on both side of belt

  • Operating temperature: 5°C to 45°C


  • Power Supply: Metal Detector: 240 VAC1Ø, 50 Hz.

  • Conveyor Motor: 415 VACS, 3Ø, 50 Hz.

  • Status Indic. Lamps: Green-Normal : Red - Metal

  • Reject Delay Timer: Variable delay and duration

  • Reject mechanism: special flap or conveyor stop

  • 100% indigenous/maintenance-free


  • Pharmaceutical

  • Food Processing Industries

  • Plastics

  • Paper Mills

  • Biscuits & Bread Plants

  • Soap Industries

  • Textiles

  • Chemicals

  • PVC Films

  • Tea Industries

  • Sea Food Exporters

  • Confectionery
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